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We apologize to say that we do not have any current vacancies to offer you But If you are interested to join Exito Bangladesh in next recruitment season please download the following Pre- Recruitment Application Form and send it to ”” once you have completed the form. We will contact you in our next recruitment season.



Your Benefits


Exito Bangladesh offers a range of benefits of designed to provide a comfortable and rewarding life both during your career with us and after it has finished.


If you are hourly paid, your wages will be in cash on the first day of each month and if you are salaried, your wages will be paid directly in your bank account before last day of each month for the current month. We also offer a attractive overtime payment and hour is considered above of your contractual hour in month. Furthermore, Due to nature of the business you may be required t work during bank/public holidays. Your work on public holiday will be considered separately and rewarded according to our remuneration policy which you will be informed after you join us.

Your work/life balance

We want our staff to enjoy a healthy work / life balance. When your employment begains with us you become eligible to accrue paid holiday which is calculated n your contracted hours worked and length of services. Annual leave entitlements vary depending on your position and years of service, ranging from 21 to 28 days. In addition, you get 9 days’ statutory holidays, and most staff benefit from extra leave over the Eid ul fitar & Eid ul Adha. Administrative and support staff normally work 40 hours a week, and we are always willing to explore part-time working and job sharing arrangements.

More than just a job

Exito Bangladesh is a great place to work – both for the quality of its services and the opportunities that come with living in this part of the world. While the Exito is very modern in its approach to its innovation, services, quality and business enterprise, some of unique way to business deals famous and highly appreciated in the country.


Development & Career Progression


Exito’s biggest asset is our people and we believe in unlocking the potential of every team member across the network. This is achieved through a strong partnership between the company, who provide training and development support, and your desire to learn and develop your talent and skills. In is crucial that we can right people in the right place in all areas of the business. This session will help you understand what training and development you will receive in your current role and what future development opportunities are available to enable you to progress your career. As part of our commitment to maintaining its high standards, we run an extensive staff development programme, which offers a range of development events on areas we feel are of interest and relevance to staff.


Training and Development:

Exito Bangladesh is committed to provide an environment in which training and development is available to all. We recognize that developing you to your full potential is key to the continuing success of our business. Training and development is a continuous process which will help the company to deliver its gals and benefits you as your skills and competence grow, aiding you to progress within the company. The purpose of training and development is to ensure you are competent to perform your current role and to develop you towards future roles. We also need to ensure that company procedures and equipment changes, we update you to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Internal Development:

Exito Bangladesh is also concern about its employees internal development. To make our staff qualified, confident, competence and smart in corporate world we do run several activities and events to develop our employee’s skills internally. We used to go for Performance Reviews that are carried out for all employees on an annual basis and superior will discuss your performance with you. It is an opportunity o talk about what you are doing well and what you can do to improve. Discussion will be documented outlining weather you need any further envelopment or coaching. This is also a chance to discuss your role, if you are ready to be considered for promotion or any concerns you may have. Your performance review will be rated by Exito which is linked to your pay.


Equality and Diversity:

We are fully committed to equality and diversity at Exito Bangladesh – and that means everyone. Our Employees are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of sex, color, ethnic or national origin, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, religion and belief (including lack of belief) or political beliefs, trade union membership or non-membership, marital and civil partnership status, family circumstances, pregnancy or maternity status, gender reassignment, or on the basis of being a part-time or fixed term worker.

We provide guidance and training in equality and diversity issues for our staff, so that they:

  • Treat others with respect at all times
  • Actively discourage discriminatory behavior or practice
  • Participate in training and learning opportunities that would enable them to adopt good practice.


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